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Jaime - Orlando , Fl
Thinking about a new violin.... affordable...
Discussing the possibility of a new violin I talked with my teacher. I expressed I want something AFFORDABLE with decent quality. NOT necessarily PRIME quality. I am pursuing my violin journey as a pleasurable pastime and enjoyment therapy. I am not envisioning playing in an orchestra or becoming famous by no means! lol

He recommended for me to look at the YINFENTE line. Made in China , but actually HIGH quality and very affordable.

I have come across other brands in the internet, such as Mendini,  Kaizer and Cecilio...
I am again looking for something affordable... lets say $400-600 range, that would beat in sound my $150 student violin out of a catalog. I am not particularly interested in "famous brand" or name behind it... I am just looking for something that would just sound nicer! :0)

Any thoughts welcomed! :0)

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Posted: October 19, 2017

Joe P
shindlers list fingering error
at the beginning of the seventh measure of shindlers list there is a G with fingering markex as 4/0.  is this supposed to be an A or is the fingering in error?

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Posted: October 19, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am onto the next phase of my rhythm training and I am posting an audio taping of the melody for French Folk Song.  

If you could, please critique on my rhythm and intonation.  Cheers.



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Posted: October 19, 2017

Urban Kristan
Feedback on vibrato practice

I would appreciate some feedback on my vibrato practice. Especially the 4th finger is very rigid in the last joint. Just in general, am I doing anything wrong here? Also, what angle for the video is most informative here? 
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Posted: October 18, 2017

Adult Beginner Virtual String Trio - Bach Suite No. 3 in D major (Air on G)

Hi guys,

Iím so excited to share with you our virtual string ensemble for Bachís Orchestral suite No. 3 in D major (fondly known as Air on the G string). Livia and Alicia are both adult beginners like myself and itís been so wonderful to find people who have discovered the magic of the classical string instrument. I have linked all of our hangout places on the internet if youíd like to check it out. Thanks so much for listening and hope you enjoy the piece.

Livia - Violist

Playing time: 4 years

I N S T A G R A M @LiviaJanice

Alicia - Cellist

Playing time: 9 months

I N S T A G R A M @AdventureDenali

Me -violinist

Playing time: 2 years + 6 months

B L O G: 

I N S T A G R A M @Mspolkadotz

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Posted: September 30, 2017

Does anyone know if the Fiddlerman Violins at are decent quality? I have a $50 violin right now and it isn't too bad for a beginner instrument, but the setup isn't quite right.  I am looking to buy a new violin outfit that costs between 600 and 800 dollars and more of an intermediate or higher end beginner level. I've been looking at the Master violin on his site but can't find much for user reviews on it.  Do any of you own a violin from there?    I just started violin lab 2 weeks ago, I was practicing using smart music but I wasn't making enough progress.  I am really loving Violin Lab and making progress again.  I have returned to violin at the beginning of the year, after quitting in 9th grade over 30 years ago.

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Posted: October 18, 2017

Listening To Violins From Cremona
I went virtual violin shopping today from this post. I listened to 30 modern Italian violins from years 1998-2017. I definitely had my favorites that I could only dream of trialing. The videos were broken down into 5 sections, and I picked a top 3 from each section. From there, I picked the top 5-6. I wrote down some notes on each of the 30 violins, but these are my favorites overall:

#4  Michele Ferrari 2017; beautiful rich sound
#10 Edgar Russ 2017; very nice rich, bright sound w/some warmth to it
#16 Marco Nolli 2006; bright, rich, somewhat quiet, knurled maple back
#18 Yam Uri Raz 2015; bright and rich
#23 Silvio Levaggi 2011; rich and full sounding, not too bright
#29 Gaspar Borchardt 2008; rich and brilliantly bright

My top favorite was:
#23 Silvio Levaggi 2011; rich and full sounding, not too bright

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Posted: October 18, 2017

Derek Dunbar
Family of Beginners
Hello all!

I started playing violin in February and now my wife and two children all want to play. Happy day, right?   But wait...there's more: turns out, all our interests happen to make for a perfect traditional string quartet!

Now the questions:

*deep breath*

What would be the best way to embark on this journey as a family?  How much "chamber ensemble" can/should we include in our learning process?  Are Suzuki books still a viable method in this situation?  My wife and I are lifelong musicians (I'm a former professional wind band performer, she is a music therapist), but how much should we be trying to facilitate at home with no string experience? 

Are these all the wrong questions?  What should I be asking? Any and all advice would be super appreciated.  Thanks for hearing me out!


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Posted: October 17, 2017

Yeah just bought Suzuki 4.  I don't really know why as I'm not ready for it yet, but I will sit down and read it.  I like sitting looking at music - singing along, practising rhythms etc. Something to do when you can't actually have your violin out.  In the meantime going to keep at Suzuki 3 - so much technique in that book!

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Posted: October 7, 2017

Sonia Lancaster
String quartet
Hi All,
Four of us have been playing together regularly for about 4 months now and we call ourselves The Mallee String Quartet. We played for the first time at a local aged care facility and below is a short excerpt of the show. Hope you enjoy it, the audience were very appreciative!
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Posted: October 15, 2017

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